Our Stories

These are the amazing stories of past and present students of the Post-Prison Education Program who every day overcome challenges, such as addiction, mental illness, poverty, depression, and hopelessness and continue to strive for their dreams.  


  • 42-Year Old Mother, Full-time Employee, Straight "A" 3.78 GPA Student:

    I was born March 12th 1970 in Puyallup WA.  My mother was a detective, a fraud investigator with major problems. She suffered from Münchausen by Proxy, a very secretive disease. Back in 1970 there was not really a name for the disease and I was the recipient of my mom’s illness.  I was sick or injured for a lot of my childhood and I ran away on my 12th birthday and never went back. Read More 

  • I've put a lot of thought into the meaning of your mission statement and I truly believe I would be a student who will demonstrate promise. I have persevered through many obstacles before and during my incarceration. I want to persevere now and be successful. Read More
  • Kimberly MaysKimberly Mays went to prison for a drug-related conviction, but facing the possibility of 5 years, Kimberly made the decision to change her life. Read More
  • Chris Jones was homeless and living in abandoned buildings at the of age thirteen. The following year, his father passed away and Chris started to abuse drugs. He began stealing cars to pay for his addiction. Chris had given up. Read More
  • The media would portray Joseph Proctor as just another homeless drug addict returning to prison, but like all other prisoners, Joe has a story. Read More
  • Shelly.jpgShelly Klier has overcome enormous obstacles and has gone through a life-turning transformation - as her husband would describe it - from "meth cook to supermom". Read More