Success Story: Joseph

The media would portray Joseph Proctor as just another homeless drug addict returning to prison, but like all other prisoners, Joe has a story.

Joe was raised on the streets most of his life with no positive influences and no education. Foster care and juvenile detention centers were his parents. Joe was introduced to narcotics at a young age and that is how he learned to ease his pain and suffering.  Ironically, the drugs which brought him comfort, ultimately led him to the cycle of incarceration which is almost impossible to break.

During his last stint of four years in Washington Department of Corrections, Joe reunited with his father.  Even after so many years, a strong bond was instantly formed and ripped away from him almost as quickly when his father passed away in 2004.

The death of his father led to a deep realization that something needed to change. After participating in groups aimed at self-improvement, he realized the only way he would have a chance is through education.

Joe found out about the Post Prison Education Program through word of mouth. He could not believe the opportunities that were available to him.  He had always thought, like so many others, that college was not an option for people like him. Filled with determination, Joe applied and was accepted as a student of the Program. The Post-Prison Education Program gave him the hope and chance that he needed in order to sustain his resolution for a positive change in his life.

Joe graduated from the Diver’s Institute of Technology and was immediately offered a job off the Gulf of Mexico.  Six months after leaving prison, Joe had his life back and a meaningful career.