An interview with leader for change, Ginny Burton

June 11, 2020 postprisonedu

The way I remember it: December 15th, 2010, a nuclear explosion on tennis shoes burst into our office. The night before, I had received the following email from a member of our Board of Directors: “I texted you last night Read more…

An Interview with University of Washington President, Ana Mari Cauce

June 1, 2020 postprisonedu

“It is in all of our best interests for people to be able to rehabilitate. By the time we have someone who’s made it out of prison and into the UW, think about all they’ve got going for them and Read more…

An Interview with Jack Connelly

May 4, 2020 Hannah Myrick

Attorney John R. (Jack) Connelly believes in fighting for the individual above all. In being a voice for the voiceless. He’s consistently been named one of the top lawyers in Washington State, where he’s practiced for 28 years, always for Read more…

Why releasing prisoners with no support is a bad plan

April 29, 2020 Hannah Myrick

“To think I’d have Post-Prison Education Program helping me on the street, it changed my situation and it made it more palatable. I’ve never had anybody help me on the outside before, because of my choices and how I acted. Read more…

Response to Misleading Tacoma News Tribune Article

April 28, 2020 Hannah Myrick

Two days ago, The News Tribune published a James Drew article in regard to a Washington State Supreme Court Hearing in which Columbia Legal Services asked for a Writ of Mandamus for the release of Washington State prisoners exposed to Coronavirus [COVID-19]. Read more…

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